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We Review the Top 5 Movie Downloads Sites for 2010 - Download Movies Online!

It's a lot of fun to download movies online when you have access to a quality movie download site that allows you to download unlimited movies 24/7 with no per download fees. We have purchased & thoroughly tested all of the movie download sites reviewed below.  Plus we have tried and tested many other sites to download movies online that did not make our top 5 picks. All of the Movie Download Sites reviewed below have easy to navigate member areas that allow you to find everything you need to start downloading movies... watching movies... & burning movies, tv show, films, videos and much more.

You will be able to sign up, login and start downloading movies within a few minutes after becoming a member.  You are provided with all the software, tools & instructions needed to download, burn and watch movies, with the top 5 movie download sites reviewed.  You can find practically every movie title & tv show you can think of.  All of the Movie Download Sites Reviewed below tap into the largest databases to download movies & tv shows, online, from around the World.
Bottom Line: If you are looking to download movies and tv shows online, then you will be more than happy with any of the top 5 movie download sites we highlight below.  *Updated: February 10, 2010

Top 5 Sites to Download Movies Online.
Movie Download Sites:


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The Movie Downloads

movie downloads

  The Movie Downloads is our Favorite Site for 2010.
  New Movies Available Daily, Millions of Movie Filles! 
  Fastest Downloads &  80 Million Files.  


Net Movie Downloads butterfly download network   We really liked Net Movie Downloads members area
  Easy to navigate & quickly start downloading movies
  Bonus:  Free Software Package!        
Free Movies Access

ez movies

  Free Movie Access is an Advanced Movie Download
  Site to Download Movies Online.  Get Instant Access
  to Unlimited Free Movie Downloads.   


Movie Downloads Now

net movie downloads

  A Really Easy Site to Download Movies Online.
  User Friendly Members Area, Thousands of Movie
  Titles to Search/Browse & Download.   


Best Movies Net

download movies

  Best Movies Net is a quality movie download site.
  Easy to set-up & download movies. $12.97 per Year
  Note: The Skinemax of Movie Sites.   



Full Reviews - Movie Download Site Reviews:

The Movie Downloads

The Movie Downloading

"My DVD collection is
growing daily.
Downloading Movies
is Really Easy
(Kathy D.)

satisfaction guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are excited to announce that The Movie Downloads has earned their way to our #1 movie downloads site position.  When this site was updated and revised in December of 2009 we were all anxious to try it out.  Within a few hours after logging into the members area we knew this was the best movie download service site we had ever tested. After a couple months of extensive testing, The Movie Downloads has proven to be very stable, extremely fast and easy to use, movie download site.  The Movie Downloads includes Free Updates.

The Movie Downloads has over 80 Million Movie Files, is extremely easy to set up and makes downloading movies a lot of fun.  It took us less than 15 minutes to get set up and start downloading movies.  The membership area was easy to navigate and provides you with all the information, software & tools needed to download movies online and burn your movies to DVD/VCD/CD or Watch on Your Computer.
FREE Bonus!  You also get online tutorials, technical support and  over $700 of free software and bonuses.  You are only moments away...

Net Movie Downloads

Net Movie Downloads

Only $11.65 Per Year

Guaranteed Satisfaction
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Net Movie Downloads is a straight forward movie download site with an easy to navigate members area.  We walked step by step thru their members area and started to download movies within minutes.  We were able quickly & easily search and download DVD quality movies, the latest tv shows, classic films, videos and much more.

With Net Movie Downloads membership you also receive access to all of the instruction, software and tools you need to download movies, burn movies to cd/vcd/dvd, convert most file formats and watch on your tv, home theatre, computer and portable media devices like the iPod, archos, zune, psp and iriver. 
Get instant access to unlimited movie downloads!  No download fees.  Join over 3 million people enjoying free movies, TV shows, music and games that you can instantly download to your computer.
Includes 24/7 Expert Customer Support (toll-free phone, email, chat)
Plus: Incredible Free Software Bonuses.($200 value)

Free Movies Access

 Free Movies Access  


satisfaction guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free Movies Access is an advanced movie download site that will please beginners and movie download pros. Free Movies Access Members Area is packed with information, software, and features that will have you downloading unlimited free movies in a few minutes. There are tens of thousands of Full-length DVD Quality Movies, our favorite TV Shows, Films, Videos and more for you to choose from. You will never be bored with Free Movies Access!!

Free Movie Access membership includes 24/7 Unlimited Online Movie Downloads, Free Movie Download Software, DVD Copy Software, Movie Players, CD Burning Software, VIP technical support (phone, chat, email) & more. Free Movies Access offers connection to many of the largest private/public networks around the World. Free Movies Access is one of the most popular movie download sites online.
Plus:  You also get online tutorials, technical support and over $200 of free software and bonuses.
CAUTION:  Look out for Unecessary Upsells On the Page where you fill out your address.  On the Page you fill out your address, look to the right, for a $14.95 spy blocker software upsell that is unnecessary .  Click the check box to remove.

Movie Downloads

Movie Downloads Now

Only $21.97 per Year

satisfaction guarantee 
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Having trouble Downloading all the Movie files you ever Wanted?
Look no further!  Movie Downloads Now has Over 80 Million Files Ready for Download.  Download Movies, TV Shows, MP3s, Games & More!  No Download Limits or Extra Fees.
Movie Downloads Now is one of the better movie download sites we ever tested.  Within the Movie Downloads Now member area you will find all the software, tools and tutorials you will ever need to download movies, archive movies, burn to cd/dvd, and watch on your computer, tv, iPod, Zune, Archos, PSP and other portable media players.
Stay connected & download from the largest movie network on the planet today!  With Movie Downloads Now you will enjoy Unlimited Movie Downloads, DVD Quality Movies, No Bandwidth Limits and No Monthly Fees.

Best Movies Net

Best Movies Net

Only $12.97 per Year

satisfaction guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We had a lot of fun downloading from Best Movies Net.  As a member you have unlimited access to over 15,000 movie titles plus tons of movies, videos, films, tv shows, music and more. Set-up was fast and easy.

Best Movies Net provides all of the software, tutorials and tools needed to search, download, watch and burn your movie downloads. Note: We did find Best Movies Net is a bit more of a risque movie download site.  If you are looking for adult oriented films and movies then Skinema Download is for you.
Get instant access to a huge Movie collection all in DVD quality, new and classics - Best Movies Net has it all!
Register Now and enjoy a FREE Software Pack including Antivirus & Security Software Download Accelerator, PDF Reader/Writer, MP3 Player, DVR Recorder and Internet TV 3000+ channels with 100 Premium Channels Pack $700 VALUE TOTALY FREE!
Also Known As: The Skinemax of Movie Download Sites

We hope you have found our comparison of the best movie download sites helpful. We know how difficult it can be to surf through multiple websites and try to compare which movie download site is the best.

We spent our time researching the most popular sites to download movies online. We purchased and tested all of the movie download sites reviewed above. Plus, we have tried and tested many other movie download sites to download movies online that did not make our top 5 picks.  You can gain access and start downloading unlimited movie downloads in minutes with each of the movie download sites we compared.

Click here to Visit The Movie Downloads #1 Movie Download Site for 2009 and 2010

Download Films, Download Movies, Download TV Shows and more. Most New Release DVD's are Available for Download!  All of the sites that made our top five reviews are 100% Virus, Adware and Spyware Free!  You can also Upload your Movies and TV Shows to many media players like... Zune, iPod, Archos, Toshiba Gigabeat, Creative Zen Vision, Cowon, RCA Lyra, RoverTV, Wolverine ESP, Coby PMP4320, iRiver and other Portable Video Players (PVP), Portable Media Players (PMP) and any other device that supports popular media formats.

Most Popular Media Types supported; Video:  mpeg-1, mpeg-2, mpeg-4 video, mp4, .avi, .m4v, .mp4, Quictktime .mov, Real Video .rv, Windows Media .wmv, DivX, XviD, plus more. Audio: .mp3, flac, shorten .shn, .wav, .wma, ogg vorbis, plus more. The databases can handle all media types and file formats. These are the most popular file formats available. Join the millions of users downloading and sharing all the popular video, audio, movies, tv and more. We urge you to respect copyright and share responsibly. *Our top rated movie download sites offer an 8 week satisfaction guarantee. Movies Downloads Review .com respects all copyrights of the companies and products mentioned on this page.